About the Database

       CpGDB (Chloroplast Genome Database) is a user friendly, freely available and dynamic relational database which allows search and download of complete chloroplast genome sequences, individual gene sequences and feature records of different plant species belonging to spermatophytes. The database also allows comparison of gene length and location of different genes among plant species belonging to same or different families.

       Each plant species record is hyperlinked to corresponding record in the NCBI nucleotide database through accession number and corresponding taxonomy record in the NCBI taxonomy browser through Taxonomy ID. The gene records in feature table are hyperlinked to corresponding gene records in gene database through Gene ID field. An attempt has also been made to improve annotations and provide uniformity in nomenclature for most of the gene names. This database will serve as a valuable platform for researchers in the field of chloroplast genomics. The database will be updated regularly with the availability of new chloroplast genome sequences at NCBI.

  • Complete Chloroplast Genomes Sequences : 3823
  • Families : 256
  • Genera : 1526
  • Gene Records : 495769
  • Feature Records : 1245379
  • CpGDB Version 1.0 has been released on February 29, 2020.
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